Why do we need a Corporate Tube?

The popularity of Internet video is increasing at a rampant pace where enterprises have started to consider videos essential for day-to-day communications, collaboration, and training. However, the issue with videos is that it requires high bandwidth, high storage, scalability and security of digital assets which discourages businesses from including video into their day-to-day offerings. However, with Corporate Tube, businesses can stream videos without having to worry about playback, storage, security and management. Looking for a Corporate Tube, Here’s what you need to consider in a video streaming solution.

Security Protocol

Integration with Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions such as an Active Directory enables enterprise tier security. A good Corporate Tube is flexible and customizes the video content and roles level permissions. This enables organizations to maintain a strong gate pass for its valuable videos and content without compromising on the collaboration that takes place amongst organizations and employees. Corporate video solutions ensure that a secure environment is nurtured for videos.


Nurture Organizational Collaboration

Some Corporate Tube platforms offer white label solutions allowing enterprises to give a custom branding to the portal. Moreover, employees can collaborate with one another via video rating, discussions, and comments within the channels.


Live Streaming

With the evolution of technology, enterprises are now inclined to stream events to curb on logistical expenses. For this they need a corporate video streaming solution. Be it town hall meetings, events, webinars, a Corporate Tube can stream securely to the portal or embed the stream elsewhere if required. Moreover, top tier Corporate Tube offer features such as the ability to submit questions, tweets, polls, surveys, notifications, analytics, etc.


Management of Content

All organizations strive to save the time of employees so that they use their productivity elsewhere. Enabling search ability on your Corporate Tube can save the precious time of your employees. Having extensible categorization, metadata, tagging and advanced in-video search ability can make searches easier. Moreover, automatic and manual transcriptions with the help of closed captions can also aid in content discovery. Regarding content management, digital assets can be segregated with the help of channels and group.


Playback On All Devices

A Corporate Tube is expected to render support for all video formats such as AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, M4V, etc. The video is transcoded to ensures that the video content is delivered to the right screen, in the right format ensuring playback. Moreover, a Corporate Tube is expected to offer high definition video streaming on any device. Be it laptops, PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc. it has it all covered. Thus, organizations don’t have to be worry about playback since a corporate video solution can push videos in the relevant format and size as per network bandwidth and devices.


Integration with Third Party Apps & Services

A Corporate Tube should have the ability to integrate seamlessly with present infrastructure. Moreover, integrating with other third-party apps and services can also streamline workflows to a great extent. Today, a Corporate Tube can render support for Content Management Systems (CMS) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Learning and Management Systems (LMS). Integrating a video streaming solution with your CRM, CMS and LMS can help in maximizing ROI.


Content Processing & Delivery 

Organizations require a Corporate Tube that offers flexibility in delivery methods to meet their business and IT needs.  The standard delivery methods for a video streaming solution are cloud, on-premise and hybrid application, storage, streaming. Content is processed in a manner that it supports various bandwidths and playback. Moreover, by rendering support for an enterprise content delivery network (ECDN) can further aid in smooth content delivery without hampering your organizational bandwidth.


User Engagement

Reports, statistics, graphs are helpful in monitoring employee engagement and content performance. Enterprises can leverage from this data to keep a track of viewing patterns to gain maximum advantage out of their digital content. So organizations get the ability to track how their content is performing along with user engagement through a corporate video streaming solution.