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CorporateTube - A YouTube for Enterprises

Though it offers cutting-edge video streaming, YouTube isn’t designed for enterprises. It doesn’t offer internal secure streaming with detailed video access management. You don’t retain ownership of your content and the solution isn’t designed to help you meet compliances. A CorporateTube can help solve these challenges and do much more. It’s a YouTube-like solution to share, manage and stream video content quickly and securely on any device, anywhere.

Whether it’s sharing recorded meetings, or uploading videos for training or marketing, or live streaming corporate events, you can use one corporate video solution to do it all.

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Tailored For Enterprise Video Streaming Needs

Unlike publicly accessible video platforms such as YouTube, a corporate video streaming solution needs to adhere to strict security and privacy protocols giving enterprises control over their digital assets and users. The idea is to provide enterprises with a branded and secure video streaming platform.

Moreover, a video is only valuable for a business if its employees can locate and view it. CorporateTube enables businesses to discover and play video content across the organization through its integrations and API.

Redefining Enterprise Video Streaming Experience

CorporateTube delivers high-end on-demand videos along with the ability to stream videos live such as webcasts and webinars. Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, transcoding and HLS streaming technology provides the right video stream according to users’ device and bandwidth.

The bottom line, whether users are on a mobile device or desktop, IOS or Android, the video playback is seamless across all devices.

Why Do You Need a Corporate Tube?

The popularity of Internet video is increasing at a rampant pace where enterprises have started to consider videos essential for day-to-day communications, collaboration, and training. However, the issue with videos is that it requires high bandwidth, high storage, scalability and security, all of which discourages businesses from including video into their day-to-day offerings.

However, with CorporateTube, businesses can stream videos without having to worry about playback, storage, security and management. Here’s what VIDIZMO offers as part of its corporate streaming solution.

Live Streaming

Conduct public or secure internal live streaming sessions with a large audience that can be scaled easily. Engage with them using live chat, QnA, handouts, and surveys.

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On-Demand Streaming

Upload videos for your audiences to watch on any device, from anywhere at their own pace. Automatically transcribe and generate closed captions for videos in more than 80 languages to improve content accessibility.

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Securely store videos in leading cloud datacenters, with robust encryptions mechanisms and inherit various compliance certifications. Keep videos restricted to authorized users only and integrate with your SSO or IAM system to automatically provision users and groups (SCIM), and manage their permissions within the platform.

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Video Sharing and Access Management

Define for every video – who can view them and who can’t. Set video access as anonymous, the entire organization, specific groups or individuals. Then define what users with access can do: view a video, or download it or share ahead. Moreover, through multiple tokenized URLs, you can share videos with a limited number of views or time duration.

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Playback On All Devices

All videos are automatically transcoded, and videos are delivered in the relevant format and size as per network bandwidth and end user device. Hence, videos are playback-ready on all devices.

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Content Processing & Delivery 

Videos are delivered using modern streaming protocols such as HLS and MPEG-DASH for improved scalability and compatibility. You can seamlessly delivery video to a global audience through means of a CDN, or by configuring eCDNs across your enterprise network.

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Multiple Video Portals

Create autonomous YouTube-like video portals for your separate departments or global offices, under one enterprise license. This way you can segregate content and users, and have independent billing for various organizational units.

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Make sure your employees can access videos where they need them! Eliminate duplication of data and ensure a single source of truth by integrating your corporate video platform with existing IT applications – LMS, CMS, Zoom, MS Teams, SSO, CRM etc.

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Make sure the Corporate YouTube matches your brand guidelines and identity. Customize the look and feel of the platform, include your colors or fonts, add your logo, host the portal on your domain, customize the video player and do more.

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Video isn’t just one way communication anymore. Increase engagement by adding interactive elements to your videos such as quizzes, handouts, surveys, forms, timed annotations, comments etc.

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Manage Recorded Meetings with Ease

There’s only a limited number of people that can attend an online meeting – you’d want to record and share them ahead through your corporate video platform:

  • Automatically ingest recorded meetings from video conferencing solutions (Zoom, MS Teams, Cisco etc.).
  • Edit, clip, annotate and publish the meetings as on-demand videos.
  • Protect your recordings with passwords or disable downloads/sharing.
  • Transcribe meetings in 80+ languages automatically.
  • Translate transcriptions of meetings automatically in more than 80 languages.
  • Maintain logs for each recording to fulfill compliance requirements.

Range of Flexible Deployment Options

You can host your video data in any cloud – our cloud, your cloud or their cloud.

  • SaaS 
  • Azure (Commercial and Government Cloud) 
  • AWS (Commercial and Government Cloud) 
  • On-Premises
  • Any Other Cloud of Choice 

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